Save up to 80% by Refurbishing Your Missouri Lockers with our Electrostatic Locker Painting Process!

Locker Appearance and Locker Security, A Great Combination.

Why use electrostatic painting to refinish your university, gym, school, or business lockers? The electrostatic locker painting process creates a high-quality bond that is comparable to powder coating. The major difference between powder coating and electrostatic locker painting is that electrostatic locker painting is much more versatile because the surface does not need to cook in an oven to dry. Our locker refinishing process will make your Missouri lockers look brand new.

Using Ransburg No.2 electrostatic locker painting equipment ensures the highest transfer efficiency while avoiding any type of overspray. We offer locker refurbishing all throughout Missouri with locker repair in major cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lee's Summit, O'Fallon, St. Joseph, and all surrounding suburbs. In addition to our electrostatic locker painting in Missouri, we also provide locker repair and electrostatic painting services nationwide.

Benefits of having your Missouri facility lockers electrostatically painted:

  • Cost Effective
  • No Overspray
  • High Quality, Durable Finish
  • Like-New Results
  • Fast Drying
  • Reduces Airborne Paint Particles
Electrostatic Painted Lockers in Missouri

Our Missouri Locker Refurbishing Services:

Missouri Electrostatic Locker Painting
Missouri Locker Door Repair and Replacement
Missouri Locker Lock Repair and Replacement
Missouri Locker Hinge Repair and Replacement
Missouri Locker Hinge Repair and Replacement
Missouri Locker Identification Plate Replacement