Locker Refurbishing and Repair Process

Restore Your Lockers to 'Brand New' Condition.

1. Locker Adjustments

Adjusting locker doors, repair locker locks, fix existing handles, reattach identifying locker number plates, and adjust locker door frame assembly.

2. Locker Parts Replacement

Replace locker handles, locker identifying number plates, hinges, and locker built-in, padlock, and ADA locks.

3. Electrostatic Locker Painting

American Office Services uses an on-site attraction coating process (electrostatic painting) to paint all metal locker surfaces.

Locker Restoration and Electrostatic Painting. Appearance and Security, A Great Combination.

Locker Restoration and Electrostatic Painting.

American Office Services uses the latest, most technologically advanced locker refinishing techniques in their electrostatic painting, surface preparation, repair and coatings materials. Our Ransburg No.2 equipment ensures the highest transfer efficiency with no overspray. In addition to top-quality electrostatic painting, we offer a complete overhaul of your existing lockers including: replacing missing or defective parts like latches, hinges, and rivets. If necessary, we can replace the entire locker door. Once repairs are complete, we will inspect lockers to be sure they are properly installed and anchored securely to the wall.

Locker Surfaces.

Surfaces are prepped, washed and sanded to a smooth finish and locker repairs are provided as needed.

Locker Coatings and Locker Materials.

Our locker coatings are the best in the business. Using the latest in electrostatic painting technology, your locker restoration will be durable and reliable, retain gloss and shine, maintain toughness, and dry in just a few hours.

Installation of master built-in combination locks.

We can install master built-in combination locks on all lockers with handles and automatic locking rods. All built-in locks will fit standard openings. Combination changes are already pre-recorded on the Master Chart. The control key is also the reset key. Two-year limited warranty. Free combination control chart with each installation.