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Sumter Coatings:

LT-Light Tone LN-Neutral Light HF-Inner Tone Light HH-Inner Tone Lt. Lt. HT Inner Tone DT-Dark Tone MT-Medium Tone MT-Medium Tone Black Umber N5013 Dark Neutral G.E. White Yellow Base Silver Orange Base Gold Mica Red Base GSA 25183 Lt. Blue Burgundy Charcoal Brown Hunter Green 4606 Mist 4700 Warm White 4600 Dawn 4607 Smoke 4650 Tan Value 1 4730 Blush 4726 Slate 4682 Grey Value 1 4686 Warm Brown 1 4692 Grey Value 5 4654 Grey Value 2 4687 Warm Brown 2 4759 True Blue 835 Black 4690 Warm Brown 5 TR-R Beige TR-G Gray Tone TR-P Platinum TR-E Smoke TR-J Graphite

Lead-Safe Certified FirmAmerican Office Services locker coatings are recognized by the EPA in their "Lead-Safe Certification Program".

(The colors on this site may vary slightly from the actual paint due to variation in conditions that are beyond our control such as: surface texture, lighting, gloss, application techniques and limitations of the color sampling/chipping process. Colors may change when subjected to excessive heat and light.)

Locker example used for electrostatic color selecting